Square Dash

Square Dash

In the thrilling adventure called Square Dash, your task is to rely on your reflexes to race to the end and avoid obstacles to complete every level. The ultimate goal is to win points, break records and dominate the scoreboard.

A high-speed square must be navigated through a series of obstacles in this skill-based game. Each level will increase in difficulty, testing your reflexes. You can easily navigate your square past many obstacles with just a few taps or clicks. The secret is to time your movement just right to avoid obstacles. Quick thinking and decisive action are required as the tempo increases. To play strategically, you need to find a way to arrange the obstacles. Replaying levels is a great way to hone your timing; practice makes perfect.


  • Simple controls.
  • Many levels of increasing challenge.
  • The action is fast-paced and exciting.

How To Play

  • Click to jump.

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