Bouncing Chick

Bouncing Chick

About Bouncing Chick

Start exploring the game Bouncing Chick, you play as a funny and adorable chick, with the goal of returning to its nest as quickly as possible. This game offers an exciting adventure full of dangers and obstacles with a total of 24 difficult levels to complete.

Although it seems simple, you must use all your skills to reach your nest by climbing to the top of each level, while avoiding hazards and obstacles in a dangerous world. To conquer obstacles and set new records, you will have to rely on your jumping skills and agility. The hazards and obstacles in Bouncing Chick will get more and more difficult as you overcome it. Reach the highest level and see if you can break your own record! Why hesitate when you can conquer all 24 levels comfortably? Let's keep going to the top!

How To Play

  • Tap the screen to jump over obstacles.

Find out how far you can climb by starting to climb now! In addition, you can play more similar games such as: Egg Dash, Geometry Dash Sunshine.

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