Egg Dash

Egg Dash

In Egg Dash, a fantastic reimagining of the famous Geometry Dash, get ready for an egg-quoting adventure and overcome a series of exciting challenges.

You will control a brave egg as it runs through colorful levels. Jump, dodge and overcome obstacles in perfect time, testing your reflexes. For the daredevils among you, there are three secret Easter eggs buried throughout the levels. Your yolk quest will be even more difficult if you collect them all. Can you cross the finish line unscathed?

Explore Egg Dash

Difficult challenge: Pay attention to the walls and spikes along the way. Be cautious and keep your eyes open because if you crash into them, your egg will crack and the game will be over.

Secret Treasure: In each level, you should search for hidden coins. Are all three within your reach? Those who want to become egg collectors have a difficult task!

Final Goal: Overcoming every obstacle your egg encounters on its journey to the end of each stage is your ultimate goal. Strive to win!

How To Play

  • Jump your egg by pressing any key on the keyboard or touching the screen.

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