Start as a tiny rat, eat your way up the food chain, and become the king of this wonderful land! Can you thrive in this multiplayer animal kingdom? will take you into a wild natural world where you will try to become the strongest creature at the top of the food chain. Players will start with a tiny mouse and collect food scattered everywhere in the beautiful forest. Many other animals are also on the journey to upgrade and compete.

This multiplayer game will make you truly part of a living ecosystem. You control your little animal and must evolve, hunt and avoid other predators to become the most powerful creature on the server. Stay away from dangers and focus on making your character bigger.

Discover the Appealing Plan is not simply a survival game but also an opportunity for you to show off your creativity and strategy. You can create your own plans and strategies to evolve as quickly as possible and become the most powerful creature on the server.


How To Play

Gamers hold down and move the mouse in the desired direction to direct the animal's movement. You can make your character speed up when you are eligible to unlock a booster. Note that some obstacles, such as trees, rocks, dirt holes, and more, will act as obstacles, making it easier for the animal to get stuck or slow down.

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