Vex 3

Vex 3

Defy gravity, perform insane stunts, and flip your way through mind-bending levels in Vex 3. Come on, stickman parkour master! It’s time for an adventure!

Vex 3 is an action platform game that follows the adventures of a flexible and agile character in a challenging and dangerous world. You will have to overcome different levels and face the most complex obstacles in the game world to achieve the final goal. Let's explore a world of wonder and endless challenge!

The Excitement of Adventure Gameplay

The main character in Vex 3 is a stickman with an adventurous and brave spirit. The player's mission is to overcome a series of diverse and dangerous obstacles. Each type of barrier will have different properties. You need to avoid sharp spikes, saw blades, bottomless pits, etc. Gamers can make use of walls, platforms, and ropes to move around.

You take turns overcoming acts and entering the ultimate challenge with hardcores. Actually, you can jump into any round, but don't be reckless. Gradually increasing difficulty will help gamers get used to the simplest rounds. Or if you are confident, just conquer the awkward levels to show your class.

Explore the Marvelous Features

  • There are diverse levels and game modes. The journey is full of challenging obstacles, from basic to nearly impossible to conquer.
  • Maintains the gameplay of Vex Game with the addition of new challenges and discoveries.
  • Achievement storage system with a series of epic goals.

How To Play

  • You use the arrow keys and necessary key combinations to maneuver your stickman.
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