Geometry Dash Sunshine

Geometry Dash Sunshine

Geometry Dash Sunshine is an attractive version of the Geometry Dash series, it is liked by a lot of players because of all its beautiful, colorful elements.

There are two modes in the game: moonlight and sunshine. The level's mascot, a charming combination of the moon and the sun, will be by your side. Hazards include spikes and holes, but they're colorful and have a fresh, fun design that gamers will love. This 7-star level takes players to a whole new universe with breathtaking landscapes, instead of just another level.

How to accumulate coins

The first part of the game requires you to collect three different types of trinkets. It's nice to have some simple custom collectibles and they're not that hard to get. After 16 seconds, the coin can be unlocked.

Coin 2: Nearly indistinguishable from Coin 1, this coin also features two unique collectibles. Locate the start by ignoring the green orb and you should try to find some collectibles. Along the way, you can also see the location of the second coin.

The third coin appears at 1:11 when you pass a green orb without being noticed. When you do this, a red orb will appear and it will lead you back to the standard path. The coin is virtually impossible to see through despite its low opacity.

How To Play

  • Jump, fly into the air and land on the final target by clicking the mouse.

Make sure you remember to use portals to change your identity! In addition, you can explore other equally interesting games: Geometry Dash Breeze, Geometry Subzero.

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