Geometry Spooky Dash

Geometry Spooky Dash

The goal of Geometry Spooky Dash is to guide these characters through multiple levels while avoiding various obstacles such as spikes and walls. This is a creepy level inspired by the famous platformer Geometry Dash, and it's only available for Halloween.

These skins include pumpkins and skulls, and they are designed to make the game more interesting for players. Scary Skeleton, the first level, is available and it has a difficulty rating of two stars. You need to try to locate all the hidden coins and at the same time it stimulates discovery. Reaching your destination unscathed is the ultimate goal.

New levels and challenges

A series of completely new levels developed under the Halloween theme are included in the game Geometry Spooky Dash. Your reflexes and timing will be tested as you make your way through these levels, which often feature strange obstacles, seemingly haunted platforms, and difficult patterns.


An all-new eerie and Halloween-inspired soundtrack. not only helps define the tone of the gameplay but also contributes to creating a spooky atmosphere.

Personalization options

The game has more customization options, allowing you to modify your character's appearance to fit the Halloween theme. You have the ability to customize your gaming experience by choosing from a variety of skins, icons, and your own quirky effects.

How To Play

  • Press the arrow keys or click the mouse to jump.
  • Avoid collisions with spikes and walls.
  • Try to find all the hidden coins.

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