Geometry Dash Meltdown

Geometry Dash Meltdown

Welcome to Geometry Dash Meltdown! Explore the Seven Seas, Viking Arena and Aerial Robots and collect three coins as you go down the road.

The story of a blocky character starts from the beginning. Currently, he's headed to Seven Seas, Viking Arena and the stunning Airborne Robots. Many dangerous challenges await the main character in these areas. Give him a hand when he flies or jumps to escape them. Collect three coins and reach the finish line unscathed.

Options for playing Geometry Dash Meltdown

There are two game modes in this game, similar to Geometry Dash Lite: Practice Mode and Normal Mode. In Practice Mode, you have the option to set checkpoints. There aren't any checkpoints when driving in Normal Mode. As a result, if you encounter any roadblocks, you will be sent back to the beginning. You can start playing this game now by choosing a mode.

How To Play

  • Jumping and flying are controlled by clicking the left mouse button.

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