Diving Dash!

Diving Dash!

About Diving Dash!

Diving Dash! is a continuously scrolling arcade game, your goal is to avoid mines and sharks as you reach the bottom of the ocean to complete the adventure. You will need to collect cash and bubbles to revive your air supply.

Simply tapping the screen will allow you to rush through gaps and block barriers. With the aim of unlocking all the crazy characters and themes, you will need to collect cash and clams while playing with your friends through Game Center. When you go to the store to buy more submarines, you have to watch out for octopuses, anchors, and jewels while playing this simple game that's easy to pick up and play. Be careful not to accidentally hit any octopuses or anchors in Diving Dash!.

How To Play

  • Use arrow keys to operate the submarine.
  • Press the L key to turn off the effect.

Currently, the store has brand new submarine models available for customers to buy. Join now and experience more games like Bouncing Chick, Geometry Spooky Dash.

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