Spooky Pumpkins!

Spooky Pumpkins!

About Spooky Pumpkins!

Spooky Pumpkins! is a scary pumpkin monster horror game in which you should try to escape from a haunted house with small gloomy rooms. Discover the mysteries hidden inside the strange mansion, defeat the monsters there and open new chapters.

Step right into the horror kingdom and you have to assist us in completing the chapter about the scary pumpkin monster character. To escape, you will need to discover hidden objects, solve riddles and puzzles, and open doors. However, be wary because scary Pumpkin Monsters are always lurking in the shadows, waiting to attack victims unaware of their presence. Do you think it is possible to avoid being controlled by her?

How To Play

  • Arrows or WASD to move around the room.
  • Knock down slimes by jumping up.
  • Drink the green potion to become invisible.

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