Geometry Lite

Geometry Lite

Geometry Lite is a rhythm-based platform game that's a community of warriors competing against each other to see who can surpass their own limits.

Prepare yourself to jump, rush and overcome dangerous levels that come with an incredible score. Experience the infectious music, colorful visuals, and insanely difficult gameplay you love, but with exciting new features that will keep you hooked.

Tips for Geometry Lite

The golden rule is to reach the finish line first and collect coins later because: Instead of focusing on earning those cool coins, you should focus on completing the level. Collecting coins will be simpler by first becoming familiar with the arrangement.

Take focus to a higher level while slowing down the tempo: Do you love music? There are situations that can lead to atypical jumps in Geometry Lite. Set the sound to mute during challenging parts of the game and focus on visual clues. Make the most of your time in Practice Mode! Take some time to familiarize yourself with the level's progression and try different approaches.

How To Play

  • Click the mouse or screen to jump over obstacles.

Experience the thrill of a rhythm-based platformer like you've never had before in games like, Geometry Dash Lite. Good luck!

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