Geometry Dash Horror

Geometry Dash Horror

Geometry Dash Horror is a scary rhythm game where you have to jump fast enough to escape spikes and all the obstacles to complete the levels. You will have to perform in an extremely scary setting. Even though the levels get harder and harder, your goal remains the same, reaching the finish line.

To cross the cave floor, your character will slowly accelerate. There will be indentations in the ground and spikes sticking out of the floor that he must avoid. While running, you must make your square jump over each box. If you can't react fast enough, your hero will perish in Geometry Dash Horror. Avoid touching unusual things, especially things that look spiky, and jumping on ledges. When you encounter an obstacle, you will have no choice but to start from the beginning. If you hurt yourself or someone else in case of a fall, you will not win. For a change of pace, try the horror version, which takes you to a terrifying location.


How To Play

  • Click to jump and avoid obstacles.

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