Geometry Dash Furia

Geometry Dash Furia

Geometry Dash Furia is a daily training game in the Geometry Dash series, with the aim of restoring the appeal of each level for players. With a seven-star difficulty level, this particular level features very intricate designs, which divert the player's attention from the beautiful aspects.

Due to the fact that the coins are not only clearly visible but also easy to collect, you will be more likely to complete the game with all three coins. Maybe the challenge lies in overcoming obstacles in a confined space; Therefore, players need to focus all their attention on the path to victory. Portals have the ability to transform into various other modes of transportation and progress through multiple stages of the level in Geometry Dash Furia. The cube moves forward at a steady pace, and players are required to perfectly time their jumps and flying maneuvers to avoid obstacles and reach designated checkpoints.

Tips and Tricks

  • Make sure you follow the instructions; they will show up at transitions and when you are getting closer to victory.
  • Move through the air by jumping into light spots.
  • There is a danger of getting distracted if you pay too much attention to decorative features.

How To Play

  • Tap or click once to make the cube jump.
  • Control the cube down by holding down the mouse button, this causes the cube to fly up.

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