Geometry Dash CraZy

Geometry Dash CraZy

In Geometry Dash CraZy, you control a 3D character and guide them through a maze of interconnected routes as they race to the finish line. To prove your abilities, you will have to complete a number of difficult courses. Can you handle this challenge?

This series is famous for its unique art style, obstacles are given and you have to provide the character with the necessary help to conquer all the obstacles. To achieve this, you need to guide the character throughout the game by pressing the right buttons. Controlling your character and directing them to sprint and speed down ramps is essential to your success in Geometry Dash CraZy. Quick reflexes and steady hands are essential if you want to protect your characters from danger and ensure their safety. Then, and only in specific cases, you are allowed to follow your character's actions.

Obstacles for you

The obstacles are especially harsh in the form of deep chasms and jagged spikes. To get high scores and complete difficult levels, you must jump and fly around the game's universe avoiding obstacles.

How To Play

  • Click to make the character jump over obstacles along the way.

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