Geometry Dash Candescent

Geometry Dash Candescent

Welcome to the world of Geometry Dash Candescent! In this fun geometry game, your goal is to get through each level unscathed for as long as possible. To reach the final goal without stopping, you must guide the game's icons through countless dangers.

To get the first coin when you go through the gate, click on the spider's short phase a little, then click again with more force. Precise timing of collisions and jumps will give you a significant advantage every time you encounter an obstacle. Mastering the delicate touch controls is a truly rewarding experience.

Levels in Geometry Dash Candescent

In the first stage, called "cube" and "robot", the player must do more than jump on blocks while dodging spikes. Extraterrestrial objects and spacecraft are now part of the story. There, you just need to complete the tests without introducing any changes. Once inside the ball's gate, you can change the gravity with the press of a button. The next level is a robot level where you have to navigate spikes, blocks and orbs while jumping.

How To Play

  • Click to help the geometry jump over obstacles.

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