Among Dash

Among Dash

The fun video game involves overcoming obstacles called Among Dash and the goal is to leave the train without getting into danger in the process. You will encounter the bodies of other crew members during the adventure. Will you end up like them?

Your jumps must be properly synchronized, your reflexes must be sharper and most importantly you need to have a lot of patience because you will need a lot of chances to complete the race! At the start of each level in Among Dash, you will find a counter that indicates the total number of attempts you require. You'll probably escape in less than ten tries. You should put yourself in the impostor's shoes and rush to the finish line without turning back. You must stay away from many obstacles and traps as they all have the potential to eliminate you if you make a mistake. Are you ready for this challenge?

How To Play

  • Jump and avoid obstacles by clicking.

Players can hope to achieve new personal records and quick reflexes through practice or participating in games like Jump out of maze and 3Dash.

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