Welcome to the world of 3Dash, where you are looking forward to the most amazing racing tracks, where your goal is to overcome dangerous traps. Get ready for an experience that will make you feel dizzy, then your platform gaming abilities will be taken to the next level.

Levels in 3Dash

There are six levels with different difficulties. You should start with the first level to get used to the game's controls. It takes intense concentration to move forward at least a few meters, as opposed to the traditional side-scrolling technique, in which the camera moves in a circle. Finally, once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to quickly jump onto platforms and get over obstacles with ease. Additionally, with the "Editor" option, you can create up to ten maps of your choice. A path can be created, the camera can be customized, and your map can be tested when you first access the level settings. You should dive headfirst into the spiral of ramps and show off your abilities to everyone if you want to challenge your agility.

How To Play

  • Click/Space = Jump
  • Z: Set checkpoint.
  • X: Delete checkpoint.

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