Protect My Dog 2

Protect My Dog 2

Outsmart cunning crooks & save your furry pet in Protect My Dog 2!   Set traps, dodge dangers, and become a hero in this pawsome sequel!

Protect My Dog 2 invites you to join the journey to rescue poor pets. Lost in the wild forest, your lovely pet is facing aggressive bees. Players need to create solid "fences" to protect this character. Upgraded from its predecessor, this puzzle game introduces new challenging terrains. Not only are bees dangerous, but gamers also need to protect their dogs from falling off platforms or into rivers of chemicals.

The Detailed Gameplay

  • Each level of Protect My Dog 2 will present challenges with different terrain.
  • Your task is to use a virtual pencil to draw protective barriers for the poor dog.
  • You can only draw once, and do not lift your pen until it is finished.
  • After completing the drawing, within ten seconds, if the enemy cannot touch your pet, then you will win.
  • The following levels will have superior difficulty compared to the previous round. You will completely beat this exciting game when you complete 100 levels.

How To Play

You press and hold the screen to activate the pencil. Set the first point reasonably, and then follow your own strategies. Your drawing tool in this game has a limited amount of ink, so please use it properly to protect your pet. The bees' attack can move the fence, so be careful.

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