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About 2

Prepare yourself to compete with your opponents in 2! You are tasked with expanding your territory while standing firm against your enemies. Taking advantage of your space is the goal of this game. On the map, how many places can you make for yourself?

Identify yourself on the leaderboard by naming yourself before starting the game. To start the game, click the play icon. Each player has a small circular area to work in, and their goal is to develop it. Traveling around the map is the way to do that. People are out to help you, so be careful. To continue establishing this route and lay claim to the land, return to your position. Using this strategy, you can also beat other players. With a wider playing field in 2, players can achieve higher scores aiming to conquer other players and win as many zones as possible to become the best!


  • Beautiful 2D graphics.
  • Simple and entertaining controls.
  • Online multiplayer.

How To Play

  • Click to set a route to expand your territory.

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