Giant Rush!

Giant Rush!

Embark on an epic journey of colossal proportions, Giant Rush! Dodge obstacles, crush barriers, and tower over the competition! How far can you rush?

Giant Rush! will take you to a colorful world in the middle of the vast ocean with unique experiences. You will transform into a character capable of becoming huge. So, how to develop strength and win? Your task is to gather teammates with the same color as the character. The lights on the main track will change the color of the main stickman as it moves past. At this point, you need to quickly grasp it so you can collect the right teammates.

Score and Awards

Giant Rush!’s scoring mechanism is extremely simple. Every time the main character collects a stickman of the same color, the body will get bigger. Until you face an opponent at the end, try to recruit as many teammates as possible. Because you never know how much strength is needed to deal with your enemies. Besides, occasionally on the main track, sparkling gems will appear. Collect them to unlock awesome character skins and upgrades.

Additionally, players will enter a boss battle every four consecutive levels. This fierce battle will offer extremely valuable rewards. Try to win and become the undefeated king in this colorful virtual world!


How To Play

To control the main character, hold down and move the mouse left or right, depending on the strategy. In the confrontation segment, you repeatedly click on the screen to make the stickman attack the opponent.

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