Geometry Dash World: Toxic Factory

Geometry Dash World: Toxic Factory

In the game Geometry Dash World: Toxic Factory, there are five stages you will need to complete in the correct order to unlock the new universe. Are you ready for these new challenges?

Five hundred mana orbs, fifteen stars, four colors, and a cube are all up for grabs. Levels in the game:

Level 1 is Space Pirates: The shape of the UFO is introduced in one section. There are no jumps in Space Pirates and the entire process takes 37 seconds to complete. This is the second longest main level after Striker.

Level 2 is Striker: There's plenty of room for future planets to vary in difficulty as the levels are still relatively simple but a bit more complex than the previous one. To complete Striker's 37 seconds requires a minimum of 43 jumps.

Level 3 is Embers: The shape of a ball is first introduced in a sequence. Ember requires a minimum of 33 jumps and takes 29 seconds to complete.

Round 1 is level 4: Two block chains introduce cyan gravity rings and pads, and a ship block chain increases from 25% to 50%. It takes at least 24 jumps and 32 seconds to complete Round 1.

Finally, level 5: Monster Dance Off. There is a time limit of 36 seconds for Monster Dance Off and you need to do 25 dance moves to complete it. The level ends with a single spike remaining if the cube makes it past the final jump before the wave gate. It will then continue its journey until it falls below the main path leading to earth.

How To Play

  • To jump, press Spacebar, w or up arrow.
  • Stay away from the spikes and try to reach the end of the level.

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