Geometry Dash Phantom

Geometry Dash Phantom

Geometry Dash Phantom is an obstacle course game that brings a scary Halloween atmosphere with the appearance of scary monsters and items.

At the start, the cube moves at a constant speed. Normally, the main object will keep a moderate speed until the ball and robot touch each other. When the player successfully navigates the object past all obstacles and crosses the finish line, they win. There are three user silver coins next to this matrix.

Game rules and coins in Geometry Dash Phantom

To jump over high columns in this section, players must time their jumps correctly. Furthermore, you will be able to escape from sharp hurdles with the help of jumping balls. Players guide creatures to safety by following instructions.

You will be able to redeem your first coin in the upcoming UFO section. For the coin to materialize, you must first earn three small silver coins. The last coin to be found is in the tunnel with the robot part at position 88%. The player then proceeds to transfer items through the relay gates and finally reaches the finish line after the brief cube section.

Tips and Tricks

  • There is no need to collect user coins because if you have problems with the main matrix, you have the option to ignore it.
  • Turn off music if it is distracting.
  • Avoid setting challenges too often.
  • Skip the gates if you can discover a safer way to get where you're going.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to jump over high columns.

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