Geometry Dash Flappy UFO

Geometry Dash Flappy UFO

In Geometry Dash Flappy UFO, the goal is for the player to navigate the UFO through a level that is scrolling and littered with pipes, gaps, and other hazards.

This rhythm-based platform game Geometry Dash, a level or custom mod called Flappy UFO was developed. In this particular level, the player controls a character shaped like a UFO and must navigate through a series of obstacles modeled after the gameplay mechanics of the popular video game Flappy Bird.

Make the UFO flap its wings and keep it flying while navigating through obstacles by tapping or clicking on the screen. The timing of your touch or click is extremely important. Move through the gaps in the barriers without coming into contact with them due to the fact that any collision will cause the Geometry Dash Flappy UFO game to end. Your reflexes, patience, and ability to react quickly to changing surroundings will all be tested on this level.

How To Play

  • Overcome obstacles by clicking to jump.

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