Geometry Dash Elite

Geometry Dash Elite

About Geometry Dash Elite

Geometry Dash Elite is a thrilling version of the very popular rhythm game Geometry Dash, taking things to the next level, challenging the player's limits. You'll face increasingly difficult levels while navigating increasingly complex geometric traps and hazards.

In the Geometry Dash Elite journey, players will be fascinated by the rich levels and thrilling gameplay as they try to overcome each obstacle and reach the finish line. Mastering the game requires familiarity with the rules that govern the mechanics. With a clever combination of jumping and gliding, the main goal of Leap and Glide is to overcome levels while avoiding obstacles. Skillfully move through the levels, avoiding traps and other geometric obstacles.

Tips and Tricks

  • To ensure your survival, be careful and stay away from the sharp spikes.
  • You can speed up your progress by tapping on a yellow pad, which will help you increase your height a lot.
  • Unless you step on the gravity gate, stepping on the blue pad will immediately increase your vertical movement.
  • If you want to increase your score, finding and collecting coins could be the key.

How To Play

  • Press W or Space to jump into the yellow circle.
  • L key to toggle effects and reduce delay.

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