Dumb Ways Jr Zanys Hospital

Dumb Ways Jr Zanys Hospital

Dumb Ways Jr Zany's Hospital: Join Zany on a wacky medical adventure! Treat quirky patients, perform hilarious procedures, and save the day.

Playing Dumb Ways Jr Zany's Hospital is entering a colorful and fun world of medicine for children. Here, you will play the role of a child doctor, ready to treat adorable and interesting patients from the world of Dumb Ways Jr. With a variety of unique medical cases and different challenges, there is never a day that is the same at this hospital!

With a beautiful and attractive graphical interface, you will feel like you are truly a part of this hospital. Medical tools will be presented in a clear and easy-to-use manner, making it easy for you to access and perform necessary medical operations.

The Interesting Combination Gameplay

The gameplay of Dumb Ways Jr Zany's Hospital offers a combination of medicine and puzzles. You'll need to use your wits and quick reflexes to diagnose and treat various conditions. From taking your temperature and reading your blood to cleaning wounds and performing simple surgeries, each task requires your concentration and skill. The goal to be achieved is the satisfaction of our lovely customers.

How To Play

You use mouse actions to perform many different tasks. Make sure you take good care of each of your patients. In case there are customers in line, drag and drop the mouse on the character placed in the waiting chair. The dedication in each service will help the young doctor gain sympathy. From there, you can progress in the game and upgrade your simulated supermarket.

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