Drift Boss

Drift Boss

Play Drift Boss and drive your zigzag way to victory and burn rubber on scorching tracks! Master the art of controlled chaos as you slide through corners!

Drift Boss is the ultimate game of dexterity and skill in driving. You will be able to show off your driving skills and control your car through consecutive sharp roads. The ability to react and align turn timing is the key to impressive scores. At the same time, players need to have the necessary concentration to judge and make timely tactical adjustments.

On the speedy road of Drift Boss, there is no stopping, no resting place, and no respawn point! It's a world without borders, where those with a passion for speed and skill will find their true challenge. New skills are the key to success. There is no substitute for constant practice; each perfect drift will make you more perfect day by day. And don't forget about the rewards and worthy gifts for victories. Each turn is an opportunity for you to collect points and attractive rewards to exchange for the great boosters.


How To Play

By just holding and releasing the keys, you can fully enjoy this unique gameplay. Each time you hold down the mouse button, the car will change direction and move to the right. For the main entity to return to its original orbit, gamers simply need to release their hands. Continue until your car falls down, then the round will end. Pay attention to the tips suggested before each level to try and apply them!

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