Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump

About Doodle Jump

In the game Doodle Jump, you take on the role of a bizarre character called the Doodler and must direct him as he jumps up a succession of platforms. Your goal is to maintain a high jumping level while dodging different attackers and obstacles.

Collecting power-ups as you go, they will aid the Doodler in battle, allowing you to jump higher or do anything else you want them to do. You can move as high as you want in this game thanks to its awesome vertical scrolling feature. In Doodle Jump, you can speed up your progress and increase your score in a number of ways. Using springs to boost your little alien is the first choice. Additional items that can be used to increase your speed include boosters and propeller hats.

Avoid dangers in Doodle Jump

You can take your alien to new heights with the help of boosters, but there are also obstacles that keep you on your toes. The brown platforms that break on impact will be your initial challenge, although they won't be too formidable.


  • Endless platformer game.
  • Power-ups to help you advance.
  • Many different obstacles create challenges.

How To Play

  • Tap or use the WASD key to help the character jump from one platform to another.

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