Bob The Robber 2

Bob The Robber 2

Sneak past security, outsmart guards, and steal the loot in Bob The Robber 2. Are you ready to put your stealth skills to the test?

Bob The Robber 2 is a bewitching puzzle adventure game with unique decoding discoveries. You will play the role of a thief trying to rummage through high-rise buildings. These discovery sites have extremely intricate designs with strict protection. You need to avoid detection by surveillance cameras, robots, and guards. Every step needs to be carefully taken to adapt appropriate strategies.

Players will perform their epic heists one after another. This rich city must contain a lot of valuable wealth. You control the character to move around the building, interact with objects to find money, and decode puzzles according to hints. The ultimate target is to solve all the puzzles and escape. Your character will have a maximum of four violations. That means if the alarm goes off a fourth time, this thief will be in trouble. To increase the appeal of the game, you can track and optimize your mission completion time. Besides, try to unlock great abilities at the shop of Bob The Robber 2 to upgrade your character.


How To Play

You direct the character to move with the arrow keys corresponding to the path. To open notes, doors, and collect money in apps, press the up arrow key. Some other missions require you to type to answer questions and press the spacebar to attack.

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